Brothers Jump Trooper During Traffic Stop

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If it wasn’t for two brave bystanders, this trooper may have died right there on the side of the road.

Dash cam footage from Michigan State Police officer Garry Guild starts when he sees a man on a motorcycle speeding. 21-year-old Michael Barber was doing 92 miles per hour on a stolen motorcycle. As Trooper Guild initiates the traffic stop, Barber speeds off.

The chase continues for a few minutes before Barber crashes into a median. Guild jumps out of his patrol car and begins wrestling with Barber. Guild comes out on top of Barber and attempts to put handcuffs on him. A drink bottle can then be seen flying through the air towards Guild.

Barber’s brother, 19-year-old Travis Wise, joins the fight against the officer. Wise puts his arms around the officers neck and starts choking him. The two men continue beating and choking the trooper until help comes out of nowhere.

Two brave bystanders stop their vehicles and join the melee. The trooper and the two heroes were able to get the two scumbags in cuffs.

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