Off-Duty Brazilian Cop

Off-Duty Brazilian Cop Ambushed By Two Armed Robbers

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An off-duty Brazilian police officer refuses to be the victim in this kill or be-killed situation when confronted by two armed robber.

Security cameras from outside a jewelry store recorded the entire incident between the off-duty cop and two armed robbers. It appears that the two robbers were waiting for a victim to walk up to the jewelry store, knowing that they might have some cash. This is when they made the poor decision to attempt robbing an armed off-duty police officer.

The off-duty cop and his wife approach the front door as the robbers surround them. One robber waits on the stairs as his partner approaches the couple from the side. The robber in the red shirt points his gun at the officer. Turns out that was the last thing this turd would ever do. In a smooth practiced draw, the officer pulls his own gun and put’s multiple shots into the robber’s chest.

The robber was able to get off a few shots, shattering the jewelry store door, before his body finally gives out. A few new holes causes the robber to collapse dead on the stairs. His partner escapes, but police also believe he was struck.


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