Brazil Cop Shoots Man in the Head After He Grabs Pepper Spray

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A man makes the mistake of grabbing a Brazilian police officers pepper spray during an intense arrest and gets shot in the head.

There isn’t much information on this incident other than it happened in Brazil in 2014. Three police officers in Brazil attempt to make and arrest on a resisting suspect. They are suddenly surrounded by an angry mob of bystanders.

One officer pulls out his OC spray and uses it to keep the crowd back while the other two officers fight with the suspect. As the crowd continues to draw closer, the officer keeping the crowd back also pulls out his pistol.

The officer points his gun at the crowd. He also points it at his fellow officer’s backs. He also points it at his own leg and foot.

C’mon man.

As the crowd grows angrier, the man in the checkered shirt and dark colored ball cap gets right next to the officer holding the gun. The officer turns his head for a moment and the man grabs his OC spray.

The officer fires one shot into the mans head. The wounded bystander runs about fifteen yards before collapsing dead in the street.

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