Officers Forced To Shoot Man Brandishing Knife After Two Taser Fails

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Officers from Fort Collins, Colorado respond to a domestic call and are confronted by a man brandishing a very large knife.

On August 25, 2016, Officers from Fort Collins, Colorado, respond to a domestic abuse call, and are immediately confronted by a man brandishing a six-inch fillet knife. The suspect, Jerry Jackson, 63, refuses to comply with orders and continues to advance on the officers forcing them to back off.

The officers react by fanning out, and deploying their Tasers. The first Taser connects with Jackson’s hand, but only with a single prong which is not enough to drop him. The Second Taser is deployed and connects with his body, but not fully, preventing it from being effective.

The officers continue to issue commands until they are forced to fire on Jackson, and bring him down.

This is the first time in Colorado that the police have released the entire Body Worn Camera video of any situation that has unfolded in the state. After this, the police in the area doubled down on Body Worn Camera systems because they believe that the protection for their officers in cases that may be unclear is extremely valuable.

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