Boise Police Shoot Man Who Killed Dog In Hiking Area

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Boise police get into a gunfight with a homeless man who shot and killed a dog on a hiking trail.

The March 18 incident between Boise police and a transient man started after the man shot and killed a dog. 42-year-old Benjamin Barnes shot and killed a dog on a hiking trail then threatened the dogs owner.

Officers arrived on scene and searched for Barnes for a few minutes before finding him hiding behind some brush. Officer stated that when they found Barnes, he took “an aggressive shooter’s stance” and fired several shots at them.

The officers on scene returned fire, killing Barnes.

Blaine County Prosecutor Jim Thomas stated

“The video and photography evidence depict the crime scene area at the time of the incident as being on an open hillside with sage brush, small trees and ground vegetation.  The officers were essentially without protective cover when Barnes began shooting at them while being approximately 50 yards away. The actions of the Boise police officers in shooting Benjamin C. Barnes were completely justified in order to neutralize the lethal threat that he (Barnes) presented to not only the police officers but to citizens who may have unwittingly come upon the scene.”

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