Bodycam Released Showing Two Las Vegas Officers In Gunfight

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The footage shows the two Las Vegas officers being shot by the suspect.

Earlier this week, we posted about two Las Vegas officers being shot by a man in a black pickup truck. Las Vegas Metro Police department has just now released the body camera footage showing the intense moment a suspect pulls out a gun and shoots the officers.

New information has been released about the incident. Earlier reports stated that the man had possibly killed himself. Las Vegas PD states that the officer who was wounded returned fire, striking 25-year-old Miguel Salas in the head. 33-year-old Las Vegas police officer Richard Nelson took a round from the suspect that went into his chest and through his lower back. He has been medically cleared and is recovering at home.

The video shows Salas arguing with the officers and refusing to step out of the vehicle for several minutes. Officer Nelson takes control of the suspects left arm after the man keeps refusing to follow orders. Without warning, Salas pulls out a pistol and starts firing at the officers. Nelson, who just took a bullet in the chest, pulls out his service weapon and fires 10 shots at Salas. One of those rounds kills the suspect.

This video goes to show how officers only have split seconds to react in deadly force situations. The video below shows the shooting from both officers body cameras.

(the shooting starts at around the 2:45 mark)

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