Body Camera Footage Released of Intense Arizona Gunfight

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Body camera footage was just released of a fatal police gun battle last year in Buckeye, Arizona.

On June 25th, 2016, police in Buckeye, Arizona were called to a domestic disturbance and possible murder. The call for service came in that 30-year-old William Ferguson had shot and killed his wife. Officer arrived on scene and immediately equipped their rifles.

Officers block off the road that Ferguson lives down. The lead officer states “white pickup truck coming” as the truck turns into a driveway. Seconds later, Ferguson opens fire from the white pickup truck. The officer filming immediately throws himself down behind the patrol vehicle and returns fire.

As the officer filming finishes off his magazine, the rear windshield of the SUV directly beside the officer shatters from Ferguson’s gunfire.

The secondary officer who is pinned down behind the SUV returns fire and both of them move to better cover behind a concrete wall. A third officer arrives on scene and lands a shot on Ferguson’s shoulder.

Moments after Ferguson is wounded by police, he takes his own life.

36-year-old Breanne Ferguson was found dead inside their home after the shooting.

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