Body Camera Captures Officer Jumping Off Overpass

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A Houston officer jumped off of an overpass and fell 16 feet after a drunk driver hit him.

Officer Rashad Carter was on a traffic stop when he suddenly heard the screeching of tires coming from behind him. He turned around just in time to see an out of control vehicle coming at him. The vehicle hit officer Carter as he jumped over a retaining wall.

He ended up falling 16 feet onto his back.

Carter told reporters 

“I hear a screech of the tires…Before I knew it, there was a car right up on me. The headlights were facing right on me. I had less than a second to react to the situation. If I would have frozen still, the car would have run me over and probably would have taken my life. I jumped in the air. The car hit me on my side. I was able to reach out to the concrete wall and propel myself over the wall.”

It turns out that the driver of the car which almost killed Carter was under the influence. Bianca Bennet was charged with intoxication assault. This is the second time this month we have received footage of a drunk driver striking an officer. A Fort Worth officer was struck by a drunk driver and thrown into the air earlier this month.

Carter is recovering at home while wearing a back brace. Everyone please send your thoughts and prayers his way for a speedy recovery.

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