Bank Robber Pepper Sprays Cop, Gets Dead Instead Of Free

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Dash-cam footage shows a police officer shooting a former bank robber several times after the suspect tried to pepper spray him.

Last April, Deputy Dustin Walters initiated a traffic stop on David Stanley Mack for making an improper turn. Mack pulled into a laundry mat and Deputy Walters ran his plate, discovering that Mack had federal warrants for bank robbery, and escaping from a federal prison.

Instead of placing the suspect into handcuffs immediately, the deputy follows Mack to the front of his patrol car. While Mack is walking, you can see him slip a Kimber pepper spray gun (Pepper-blaster) into his right hand.

Mack grabs the back of the deputy’s head and tries to spray him in the face. The canister fails and the deputy backs away as Mack pursues him.

Mack continues to point the pepper-blaster at Deputy Walters, who has no other choice but to shoot Mack as the officer’s life was clearly in danger by the attacking suspect.

Mack later died from his injuries.

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