Armed Robber Attempts To Rob Store Full Of Armed Customers

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A man, armed with a pistol, attempts to rob a store. Fortunately for the store owner, everyone shopping inside was also armed with pistols.

Here’s the deal. When a bad guy with a gun runs into a bunch of good guys with guns, the good guys will generally come out on top. The more good guys with guns running around, the less bad guys with guns feel like they are empowered by the weapon they carry.

This video makes the argument all by itself. A well-armed citizenry is the first best defense any nation can have against crime. When you remove the criminals ability to attain the upper hand simply by owning a gun, you also remove the criminals confidence in the ability to complete successful criminal operations.

Share this video the next time you see someone saying “Guns are just terrible, and no one needs them,” because the truth of the matter is this: Taking away guns from law abiding people only empowers the criminal who wishes to break the law anyways.

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