Alaska Police Take Out Violent Felon After High Speed Chase

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A stolen vehicle leads Alaska police on a high speed chase that ends with the suspect being neutralized by officers.

Video has just been released showing the Fairbanks Police Department and Alaska State Troopers shooting 23-year-old Shawn Buck. The incident started with Alaska Troopers investigating a stolen vehicle call when Shawn Buck approached the scene. Officers initiated a traffic stop, but Buck took off on them.

Officers knew that Buck had three felony warrants for his arrest.

Reports state that during the high speed pursuit, Buck fired at least one shot at police. One trooper deployed spike strips and claimed that Buck pointed a gun at him as he drove by. Buck drives into several patrol vehicles after Fairbanks police tried to stop him by blocking an onramp.

Officers on scene can be heard shouting “he has a gun!” before opening fire, killing Buck. All officers have been cleared in this shooting.

The video below shows several different angles of the high speed chase and shooting.

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